Today marks day 1 of my newest personal challenge.  Like I had done back in 2016 with my bacon diet, I am simplifying my diet down and sharing my experience and results.  While last time I ate only bacon and allowed coffee and other very low calorie beverages this time I will have expanded food choice, but will only drink water for the majority of the diet (I say majority as after 30 days I may reconsider adding coffee back into the diet).  Given the results of my bacon diet I anticipate a good amount of fat loss, but only time will tell.

Why do an all meat diet?  While I normally aim for meat and fibrous vegetables as my dietary staples I have become intrigued by results people are seeing cutting out what would generally be viewed as the healthiest food choices.  Sure they are high in nutrients, but we know the bio-availability of most nutrients is higher in their animal sources than plant sources.  This makes sense, as the only defense plants have is to make vital parts less desirable to things that might eat them.  Although fiber is generally a good thing, even that may be inflammatory for some and taking it out from the diet has been shown to decrease bloating and gastrointestinal issues, but that doesn’t mean it will be good for gut flora.  At the end of the day the largest determining factor for the health of a diet will be nutrient absorption/utilization of the body and lower stress on the system as a whole.  The normal advice would be to get a mix or balance of foods as this will provide the widest array of nutrients and make deficiency less likely, but there are nutrient interactions (vit c vs glucose for example) that can play a major role in the availability of those nutrients and this is part of the reasoning for why the carnivore diet may be sustainable for individuals for extended periods. Although an all meat diet may not be the ideal long term plan, the only way to test if it is beneficial for me is to try it out for a while which brings us here.

Day 1 stats:

WT: 211.2 lbs – I will note that I was at 205 10 days before this weigh in, but knowing I was going to complete this challenge, I chose to allow myself to indulge in whatever foods I craved leading up to today.  While some of the 211 is bloating I definitely put on a few pounds of fat leading up to the challenge.

Breakfast: 12 Oz Rib-eye Steak.  The dog watched in agony as I ate.


Morning Workout:

Squats – 135 x 5, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 3, 295 x 3,  Drop Set 325, 315, 305, 295

Pull-ups – BW 3×3, Assisted -50 x 5, -60 x 10


Lunch: 1 lb Ground Bison.


Afternoon Workout:

Flat Bench: 225lb  3 x 12

Cable Row: 130lb  1 x 15, 72.5lb x 40, One Arm 72.5 x 20 each arm (the cable machine I was using was occupied so I made due with the full stack of another machine).


Supper: 1/2 lb Ground Bison Burger

Notes:  Energy levels were good all day.  Drank about a couple quarts worth of water.  I wasn’t very thirsty throughout the day, which may be due to high water content of meat.  I also use salt heavily as low insulin increases sodium loss.

I will update regularly, but do not promise to detail every workout and meal over the next 60 Days.




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