Day 1

Morning Weight: 211.2 lbs – I will note that I was at 205 10 days before this weigh in, but knowing I was going to complete this challenge, I chose to allow myself to indulge in whatever foods I craved leading up to today.  While some of the 211 is bloating I definitely put on a few pounds of fat leading up to the challenge.

Breakfast: 12 Oz Rib-eye Steak.  The dog watched in agony as I ate.

Morning Workout:

Squats – 135 x 5, 185 x 5, 225 x 5, 275 x 3, 295 x 3,  Drop Set 325, 315, 305, 295

Pull-ups – BW 3×3, Assisted -50 x 5, -60 x 10

Lunch: 1 lb Ground Bison.

Afternoon Workout:

Flat Bench: 225lb  3 x 12

Cable Row: 130lb  1 x 15, 72.5lb x 40, One Arm 72.5 x 20 each arm (the cable machine I was using was occupied so I made due with the full stack of another machine).

Supper: 1/2 lb Ground Bison Burger

Notes:  Energy levels were good all day.  Drank about a couple quarts worth of water.  I wasn’t very thirsty throughout the day, which may be due to high water content of meat.  I also use salt heavily as low insulin increases sodium loss.

I will update regularly, but do not promise to detail every workout and meal over the next 60 Days.

Day 2

Morning Weight: 207.2 lb

The vast majority of the bloating from my pre-diet splurge was gone by the time I woke up today.  This is some of the fastest relief of bloating I have experienced and is likely a good portion of the 4 lb loss in one day.  Woke up sore from yesterday’s workouts, but after getting out of bed my energy levels are great which is a little surprising as I cut coffee out of my regular routine as well.

Breakfast: 1/2 lb Ground Bison

Morning Workout:

1 Arm Shrugs – 70 lbs 3 x 20

DB Curls – 25 lbs 3 x 20

Lateral Raises – 15 lbs 3 x 20

Tricep Push Downs – 40 lbs 3 x 20

Band Pull A-Parts – 1 x 40

Lunch: 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1 lb Ground Bison

Daily Water Consumption: 128 oz + food

Notes:  Was a little sluggish in the mid-afternoon without my usual lunchtime coffee.  Little stiff from yesterday’s workout and was planning on not working out at all today, but had a client run late so I did a short low intensity, high volume arm workout as this is the type of workout that is good for adding weekly volume to accessory muscles without doing much damage to tendons or interfere with larger system workouts.

Day 3

Morning Weight: 205.6 lb

Breakfast: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Lunch: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Notes:  Energy was great all day and felt pretty wired right till bed time.  No Workout today, but was very productive otherwise.  I can tell my hunger is lowering and ate 1/2 lb less food than the previous day as a result.

Day 4

Morning Weight: 204.2

Today’s Workout – Find Current 3 RM Sumo Deadlift (395) and 1×5 Paused Bench Press 245lb.  Pulling and tricep accessory work.

Lunch: Pulled Pork and Alligator (maybe 3/4 pound between the two).  I had a lunch meeting out and this was the best that I could find.  I will resume red meat the rest of the day.

Dinner: 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Notes:  Probably wasn’t the best day to lift heavy as this was my most sluggish day on this diet.  I have some roommates that decided to try with me (though less strict with fluids and spices for now) and day 4 and 5 was the first wall for pretty much everyone, but I felt great the next morning as did pretty much everyone else (one chose to cheat and not continue while 2 others soldiered on).

Day 5

Morning Weight: 204.6

Seems like the main water loss is finished as I actually weighed a bit heavier than yesterday.  I usually weigh 1lb or more heavier the day after a heavy squat and/or dead lift day (muscle inflammation and water retention), so .4 lb gain in a day is not surprising and resting over the weekend will likely show a loss again that will slow when weight training starts over.  Started drinking sparkling water as I drink more water this way.

Daily Food: 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef, 2 lb ground Bison.

Approximate Water: 4 liters.

*Day 6 & 7:  These were weekend days so I didn’t write up until Monday morning.

*I am drinking pretty constantly now and am not going to track daily water as it is consistently above 3 liters on average now.

Day 6

Food:  1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef, .65 lb Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak at home.  Pulled pork at wedding (~0.75lbs, but didn’t measure).

Morning Wt: 204.6 lb again

Day 7

Food: Steak at restaurant (post church meal with friends). 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef.

Didn’t weigh in this morning.

Day 8 (First Week Down!)

Morning Weight: 201.8 lb (-9.4 lb from day 1, and 3.2 lb from before loosening my diet prior to this challenge.

Lunch: 1lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Workout: 275lb Squats 5×5 no accessory work

Dinner: 1lb Ground Bison

Day 9

Morning Weight: 201.2 lb


Bench Press Strength workout, 135×3, 185×3, 225×3, 245×3, 265×3, Cluster Drop Set 275, 270, 265

Arm HIT style (5 second concentric and eccentric contraction) Accessory work 2x10RM lateral raises, tricep extensions, and bicep curls.

Lunch: 1 lb Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1 lb Grass Fed Beef

Day 10

Morning Weight: 199.6 lb (Out of the 200s!.. At least until I eat and drink water)

Lunch: 3/4 lb of 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1 lb Grass Fed Beef

Day 11

Morning Weight: 199.8 lb

Lunch; 1 1/3 lb of Carne Picada Style Beef

Workout:  Light Bench (185×20) and Arm circuit

Fantasy football draft night.  Drank only water, but was missing being able to partake in some of my usual favorites.

Late night meal:  4 plain double hamburgers with no bun from McDonald’s (not the best choice, but it was late and didn’t think the amount I ate earlier was that great.  Probably should have gone to bed without eating any more and probably will in the future.

Day 12

Had a 6 am client so I did not weigh in.

Notes: Don’t know if it was pepper in the meat or just food quality, but the McDonald’s clearly didn’t sit as well as my other meals thus far.  I felt regular after using the bathroom and having breakfast between morning clients.

Breakfast: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef.

Lunch: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1/3 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef, ~0.58 lb Thin Sliced Sirloin

Day 13

Morning Weight: 199.8 lb

Lunch: 4 Beef Patties at 5 Guys

2nd Lunch (2.5 hrs after 1st lunch): 2/3 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef, 0.75 lb Thin Sliced Sirloin

Day 14

Morning Weight: 199.0 lb

Lunch: Dave’s Triple plain w/ no bun at Wendy’s.  Cashier made entered it with cheese and I didn’t notice till I got it so I had cheese today.  Still carnivore, but a little short of my meat and water only goal.

Midday meal: 2/3 lb of 80/20 Grass Fed Beef

Supper: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Notes:  Had communion in the morning.  This will be a weekly occurrence and while not strictly meat and water should have very little impact on the overall changes.

Day 15

Morning Weight/ Week 2 Weigh in: 197.8 lb (13.4 lbs down)

Breakfast: 1 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef

Lunch: 1 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef

Supper: 1/2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Notes: Felt more general soreness than I have since beginning this diet.  Given that dairy is often considered one of the more inflammatory foods the cheese from lunch yesterday is the likely reason for the soreness.

Day 16

Morning Weight: 196.0 lb (15.2 lbs down)

Lunch: 1.5 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Supper: 1/5 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Day 17

Morning Weight: 195.4 lb

Lunch: 2 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Workout:  High volume full body workout

Day 18

Morning Weight: 195 lb

Lunch: 1.84 lb Beef Cube Steak

Dinner: ~1lb ground beef (unsure of leanness)

Day 19

Morning Weight: 195.8 lb

Breakfast: 1 lb 85/15 Grass Fed Beef

Dinner: 1 lb Ground Beef (leanness unknown)

Days 20-21

Didn’t weight in the morning or keep a tight food log.  I took a trip with friends to watch a football game and stayed with all meat diet, but this included beef patties from fast food, beef sticks from gas station and burnt ends from my favorite BBQ joint.  It was a mental break weekend where I stayed on my original diet parameters, but allowed outside of purely beef and water which I have leaned towards as much as possible.  I am wanting to add fasting in shortly, but will take being able to eat more on my non-fasting days.

Since I was required to drive back late at night/early morning I reintroduced coffee back into my diet as well.

Day 22

Morning Weight: 195.6 lb

Workout: Medium-Heavy Squats.  Medium Intensity high volume upper body.

Food – 2/3 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef, 1 lb 85/15 Ground Beef.

Day 23

Morning Weight: 195 lb

Workout:  HIIT Cardio followed by medium steady state cardio.

Food: 1.67 lb Angus Sirloin Tip Steak, 2/3 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef

Day 24

Morning Weight: 195 lb

Workout: Medium Squats (ROM Focus), Snatch Grip Pulls, OH Pres, ROM band Curls and Tricep Ext (probably the last workout I will give detail on).

Food: 2/3 lb 80/20 Grass Fed Beef, 3/4 lb 85/15 Ground Beef.

Day 25

Food: 1 lb 93/7 Beef.  Unknown amount of pulled pork >1lb

Day 26

Food: 1 lb 85/15 Beef, 5 Brats at grill out

Day 27

Food: 1 lb Pulled Pork, 6 Grass Fed Beef sticks, Unknown amount of pork later >1 lb

Day 28

Morning Weight: 195 lb still (been settled here for 10 days).

Food: 1lb Sirloin, 20 Oz Bacon Wrapped Sirloin

Day 29

Morning Weight: 194 lb (broke that 195 plateau)

Food: 1/2 lb 85/15 Ground Beef, 1 lb (2 x 8 oz) New York Strip Steak, 1 lb 85/15 Ground Chuck

Day 30

Morning Weight: 192.6 lbs

Food: 1 1/3 lb of 85/15 Grass Fed Beef, 10 oz Grass Fed Steak Tips

As part of my loosening my diet after 30 days I am stopping the daily log, but staying up to date weekly with notes, weight, and insights.

Week 5

Weight; Stable at 192.6 lbs, but my bio-electrical impedance device read that I have lost 2% body fat since I last used it at the same weight.  They aren’t super accurate on the percent, but they tend to be reliable on change over time.  This either means I have gained muscle or was holding more water at the same weight as the last time.  Both imply that I lost fat mass even with the scale staying the same.

Notes: added seasonings, eggs, and dairy back into the diet.  Noticed slightly more general stiffness will take dairy back out for a week and see if that seems to be the difference.






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