As the near year begins we often set new goals for ourselves and I am no different.  My goals for this year include both personal fitness goals and business related goals.  Writing out your goals is a great practice.  When they are written out you have personal accountability and a clear focus as well as having something to look back on after you complete them.

Compete in power lifting in the 82.5 Kilogram (~181 lb) class

Back in college I was training the power lifts (bench, squat, and dead lifts) regularly and had a goal to compete before I had a pectoral injury.  Before the injury I had decent numbers, but was at a much higher body weight than I currently am. My personal bests were 370 bench, 495 dead lift, and 545 squat.  Lately I have turned my training focus back to power lifting focused workouts and would like to get close to these numbers again, but at 180 lbs instead of 270 lbs.  I was derailed from this focus a for different reasons over the last few years.  I focused on learning and becoming a certified coach in Olympic style lifting for a while, and between regular bowling, disc golf, and the Olympic lifting I started having shoulder stability issues and still have some issues with right scapula winging (poor serratus anterior activation) that I am working on correcting.  I still like the Olympic lifts, but will not be doing them until I am comfortable with my shoulder progress and use them as a speed accessory to my power lifting goals.

Move to health and fitness coaching full time

I have been increasing my focus on training while doing less hourly work for the last year or so, but plan to make training my sole professional focus by the end of the year.  This has included spending more time on a few things from developing programming templates to make personalized programs quicker to develop, making use of technology like PN ProCoach to be able to coach remotely and provide better habit tracking and nutrition education at a lower price than I could offer while doing everything from scratch, and working on online marketing.  Things have been up and down so far, but I am liking the progress and looking forward to being able to spend more time devoted to helping others reach their goals.

Pay off the remainder of my student loans

I only have a small amount of student debt remaining, but having none by the end is a great goal and is very doable.


I am sure I will have side goals along the way, but that is basically it for now.

If you have current goals feel free to share them in the comment section below.


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About Roger James CSCS, NSCA-CPT

I am a trainer (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®, NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer®, NASM Golf Fitness Specialist), coach (USAW Sports Performance Coach), and now blogger with a passion for fitness, health, and performance. My love for the gym began as a way to get stronger and better at sports. While my early training packed on strength it also packed on unhealthy weight. After a pectoral injury made strength training take a back seat, I focused on my health and losing weight to go from 270lbs to 200 in about 3 months time. I favor evidenced based training and lifestyle choices to build not just the body clients want to see in the mirror, but that have the strength and ability to live life as actively as they desire. This site is a way for me to help others on their health and wellness journey.  It is my goal to provide quality material to help educate and expand peoples thinking about fitness, health, and wellness.  I am not a doctor and do not claim to be.  The information provided on my site is there as an educational tool so that others can make informed decisions about how to live their life.


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