*for time sake I simply inserted my links instead of formal references, but plan to change to formal citations at a later time. Short Version [Calories matter, and physics dictates that accurate counting calories can guarantee short term success;¬† however, a common difficulty is that physiological and social drivers may ultimately lead to dropout. In […]

When people hear the word scientific it naturally may make big words and complicated or systematic processes come to mind. ¬†While the terms scientific and complicated can coincide, they do not have to be synonymous. I say this, because as a fitness professional I often see complicated and systematic training programs touted and advertised as […]

People will often say to strictly monitor protein on a fat loss or ketogenic diet because excess protein will be converted to sugar. Outside of medical contraindications of higher protein consumption, I would argue that protein should be monitored when conservation or gain of lean mass is important to the dieter in order to assure […]

Keto Misconceptions pt 1 The ketogenic diet is becoming more popular and as with all health topics that grow in size this means an increase in articles and opinions will also develope. Many of which will be either be wrong or at the very least misleading. I just want to take a little bit of […]