Everyone has a concept of what they consider a healthy diet or lifestyle and the majority of people would probably name at least a few different approaches that fit into their view of a healthy diet.  This piece is going to be more focused on a particular thinking pattern or perspective that will aid in […]

Today marks day 1 of my newest personal challenge.  Like I had done back in 2016 with my bacon diet, I am simplifying my diet down and sharing my experience and results.  While last time I ate only bacon and allowed coffee and other very low calorie beverages this time I will have expanded food […]

In today’s day and age there are a lot of exercise programs available online and no shortage of professional opinions on the topic as well.  Some are okay, some are really well done, and others are just garbage.  As a fitness and performance professional I get asked for advice on choosing programs quite often and […]

Popsci recently featured an article titled, “Sorry, keto fans, you’re probably not in ketosis.”  While I am a fan of PopSci, I am also well studied on the ketogenic diet as well as many other diets (This is a result of the importance of nutrition in body composition and performance as a strength and conditioning […]

When people hear the word scientific it naturally may make big words and complicated or systematic processes come to mind.  While the terms scientific and complicated can coincide, they do not have to be synonymous. I say this, because as a fitness professional I often see complicated and systematic training programs touted and advertised as […]

First off, it seems like all I have written so far is diet and specifically ketogenic diet related.  Not that I don’t like writing about those things, but I just happen to have been writing specifically to provide some content for a keto group I manage and give information for.  While keto is great when […]

People will often say to strictly monitor protein on a fat loss or ketogenic diet because excess protein will be converted to sugar. Outside of medical contraindications of higher protein consumption, I would argue that protein should be monitored when conservation or gain of lean mass is important to the dieter in order to assure […]