Online Performance Coaching

What is online coaching?

Online coaching is a way to program and guide individuals wanting to take their fitness to the next level without needing to have a trainer right there for every set and rep.


How does online coaching work?

In order to be coached online I need to collect information on your goals, lifestyle, current ability, current/past injuries, and available training equipment to formulate a plan of action to help you best reach your goals (don’t worry if this sounds daunting as I have a survey questionnaire that I send to perspective clients).  After the initial plan is made, I will send the plan with instructions for completion.


Why do online coaching?

The advantage of online coaching is that you don’t have to work around a trainer’s current schedule, but you do have to have a certain level of self sufficiency and follow the plan designed.  This means that more time can be spent by the trainer in designing a great program instead of just taking you through the program.  This also makes great trainers more accessible to their clients as they are not limited to the high traffic morning and evening hours.  With an ongoing subscription the trainer can answer questions and change the program as you progress and/or your goals change.


What will I need to train?

This will depend highly on your goals, but an inventory of available equipment is requested to formulate your plan.  With specific goals certain equipment will likely be needed, but this will be discussed.  If you wish for advice on building a home gym we can cover that as well.


3 Online Training Options



Consultation and do it yourself program ($150)

This consists of an initial consultation and testing to assess the client’s needs and current strength and fitness levels to develop a personalized plan to get them there.  From there I will outline an auto-regulated progressive resistance training program (it will change based on your performance over time) to follow from your current fitness level.


Monthly Coaching ($100 per month)

With most people, things change over time.  You can get busy, hit plateaus, change focus, or get injured.  Continuing online training gives you the flexibility to get continued feedback and updates to meet life’s changes and questions head on.  Instead of just using a program that follows a basic progression based on your improvements, I can take into account changes in weaknesses and structural balance and adjust exercise selection as needed and provide more optimal training for goals as you progress.


Consultation Only ($80)

If you are at a point where personalized programming is not needed, but you want professional advice in some areas of health, fitness, or performance this is the option for you.  This type of coaching is based on time so is easy to set-up and schedule.  This is also a great option for sports coaches without strength and conditioning backgrounds or specific professionals at their school to discuss setting up methods that work consistently for team sports.


If you are interested in online coaching send and e-mail to and I will respond with an potential client questionnaire to determine if I am a good fit for your goals and training status.  If you only want to do a consultation the initial questionnaire is not required.

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