Why Train With Me?

If you are tired of:


“Meat head” trainers that only understand how to lift for the sake of lifting

  • I was an athlete in high school, but was also a huge nerd and graduated college with high honors so understand the how and why of individual fitness needs


Naturally fit trainers that don’t understand weight struggles personally

  • Before finding manageable ways to make lasting lifestyle change I was 270 lbs and had a BMI>40 (EXTREMELY obese by BMI standards).


What I do?


I get people the results they want in a few ways:


Develop healthy habits to help clients take control of their health and fitness

  • If you work with me 3 hrs a week there are still 165 hours each week that impact your health.  This makes lifestyle habits an important piece of your health and fitness journey.


Use personalized progression to build functional strength and minimize injury risk

  • Not everyone starts in the same place or has the same goal.  My programs will start where you are and build to where you want to be.



For more about my personal journey read it here on my homepage.